The CAPRAC team is extremely proud to announce a grant from the Prescott and Russell Community Development Corporation (PRCDC) to increase our ability to promote the art of our members and join a more general public. This new initiative is called CAPRAC Gallery.CAPRAC Gallery is an online platform specialized in the sale of artworks by artists from various disciplines and also ticket sales for cultural venues.

Why sell your works with CAPRAC Gallery?
- Online stores are the platforms of the hour and the future;
- It will allow you to reach a larger market of buyers and collectors;
- Have access to a professional photography service at a modest price;
- Have access to a service of expertise in promotion and marketing;
- To know that you have a team that works to promote your works to buyers and collectors;
- To allow you to focus on creating your art.

CAPRAC is committed to:
- Invest in promotion to a targeted market and potential buyers. We expect to reach nearly 300,000 readers this year with our initial investment in advertising (Canadian Art, Ottawa Magazine, Prelude NAC, Prescott and Russell Tourism Guide)
- Store, prepare and ship the works to the buyers (packing & shipping).
- Generate and maintain traffic on the gallery's website.
- Create content to help promote the gallery and artists.

The artist agrees to:
- Renew their annual membership to CAPRAC
- Provide all the necessary information for the sale of their works:
Visual Arts: photo (JPEG), title, dimensions in inches, weight in grams/pounds, medium, price.
- Provide professional quality photos for each artwork. CAPRAC reserves the right to refuse any photo that does not meet our expectations.
- Contact CAPRAC if one or more of his works have been sold during the contract period with CAPRAC including 1 month after the term of the contract.
- Sign and respect all aspects of the consignment contract. The contract will be sent only to artists selected by the reviewing committee.
- Bring the works to CAPRAC's office following for consignment.

Exhibition terms:
- Maximum of 5 works by artists
- Duration of the contract: 6 months (posted on the site) + 1 month of post-sales

You have until Friday, August 16, 2019, to confirm to us if you wish to display and sell your works in the gallery CAPRAC. We also offer a photo service ($ 10 per artwork) for artists who do not have a high-quality photo of their work.

To complete your submission, please send us a photo of each work (maximum of 5 works) as well as the title, the dimensions in inches, the weight in grams/pounds, the medium, and the price at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Here is an example of a submission, please use this template to complete your submission.