Monique Bergevin

Language Spoken français, anglais


  • Biography

    Monique was born in eastern Ontario where she still lives. Bilingual, she studied at Carleton University and l’Université du Québec in “Change Management”. The greater part of her career was spent working in human resources and adult education.

    Monique is mainly a self-taught artist, however, for many years now she has invested in oil painting classes in order to explore different styles. In addition to these classes she has attended workshops on perspective drawing and portrait drawing. She has attended various painting styles and techniques such as impressionist style, intuitive style, impasto technique and hachure. Monique has also attended workshops on painting technique consisting of combining four mediums namely China ink, oil paints, charcoal and soft pastels. Although her preferred choice of medium is oil, she will occasionally incorporate acrylics and soft pastels in her art.

    Artistic Statement

    Since 2010 I was able to reconnect with my long held wish to express my creativity through visual art. In doing so I discovered a true passion for painting. Nature and history being a big interest of mine, my travels around the world provided the inspiration for my art. Through my creations I evokes memories and sometimes dreams allowing the art enthusiast to constantly rediscover meanings in my art. Throughout my art I interpret the beauty of the moment.

    Being passionate about figurative and abstract art I have therefore developed my own approach to combine both. Although at times I may encounter setbacks or “painter’s block” if you wish, the beauty of art is that we are often guided by our emotions of the moment that unleash our creativity. The result of these moments can translate into an art piece that is simply amazing and an indication that my creations are truly in harmony with my heart and soul. My technique as with most artists is constantly evolving. Mastering visual art is a tireless source of creation and challenge I embrace with determination and joy. Each creation is a project of many hours, sometimes many days.

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