Léola Meagher

Language Spoken French, English


  • Biography

    Léola Meagher is a retired teacher who began to paint 9 years ago, shortly after the couple moved to L’Orignal. She works with oil, acrylic mixed media, water colour and alcohol inks. Besides painting, Léola published her first book, “FOOTPRINTS of a PIONEER”, in 2016. “After all”, she claims, “painting with words is not unlike painting with a brush.” Leola participated in several local art shows and for two years was part of ARTour Prescott-Russell. Her motto is, “One must ASPIRE to INSPIRE before we EXPIRE”.

    Artist Statement

    Art, in its many forms, continues to bring balance and harmony to our complex world. I have discovered the joy of creating a painting and seeing it evolve, unable to predict the outcome as it takes form on the canvas. In that sense, art imitates life and life imitates art, and I feet that I am part of the process.

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