Musée Clarence-Rockland Museum

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  • Hours of operation: 

    Monday to Friday, 9am - noon; 1:30pm - 5pm.
    BY APPOINTMENT: evenings, Saturdays and Sundays

    The Museum is a cultural, artistic and heritage information centre. Students and teachers can borrow books, archival binders and artifacts for school projects from the 3,500 binders, 35,000 books, 8,000 records and 6 permanent exhibits.
    No admission fee, but donations are not refused.


    The Clarence-Rockland Museum officially opened its doors on April 29, 2010. It occupies 9 rooms in the old school La Ste-Famille, built in 1909. This building is no longer considered simply a Museum but also as an Information and Research Centre. Students from secondary schools come here to do research, but also from La Cité, St-Paul University and the University of Ottawa. The museum's colelction is divided in the following sections: Sports, Genealogy, Obituaries, Geology, Archaeology, Antique Tools. Its Art Gallery offers more than 100 original paintings and also reproductions. Newspapers or newspaper articles, documents, photos, tools, artifacts, military medals etc. are donated or entrusted to the Museum every week.

    "My passion as a collector is not just a few years old but for over 40 years. My daughter Sylvie was happy to see me empty the two rooms and the garage of everything that had been accumulating for about 8 years. In the morning, I arrive at the Museum at about 8:40 am and turn on the "OPEN" sign. A small sign "back in 30 minutes" is displayed and I go to the Restaurant La Roche, next to the Museum (182 feet) for a good coffee and breakfast. I can't wait to get back to the Museum because I feel like a kid in a toy store.

    It is best for out-of-towners to call before visiting the Museum to verify my presence. Tel: (613) 446-7319 / Museum. (613) 446-5086 / Residence. Thank you."

    - Gilles Chartrand

    687 rue Laurier
    Rockland, Ontario

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