By: Yanik Gosselin

New this year, CAPRAC joined forces with Prescott-Russell Tourism to organize a new project for artists and agro-tourism enthusiasts: Fields of Arts 2018. This initiative, featuring three local producers, allows artists to create outdoors and visitors to observe the process, while both can discover local products.

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For the first Fields of Arts event, we were at Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm in St-Pascal. As mentioned in last week’s blog, we are right at the peak of blueberry season! On the beautiful property, there was something to inspire and motivate both artists and visitors. The group of six artists began the afternoon with a tasting of wines, cheeses and cold meats. We tasted six wines (all made on location) and paired them with cheeses from Fromagerie St-Albert and meats from L’Orignal Packing. Each made from different fruits (cranberries, apples, pears, strawberries and, of course, blueberries), there was at least one wine to please everyone in the group. My favourites were the cranberry and blueberry wines. But don’t let my preferences influence you! I highly recommend you try them yourselves to discover your favourites! And while you’re there, ask for a tour of the barn where the wine is produced.

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The tasting allowed the group to get to know each other, share ideas and form a sense of community. Subsequently, the artists let the beauty of nature guide them to find a spot to set-up, to be inspired and to create. Among visual artists, Christine Lenoir-Godin, Désirée Perras, Lucie Lavallée, Shanna Steals and Tina Petrovicz, different mediums were used such as drawing, oil and acrylic painting. The sixth artist, Éric Charlebois, let himself be inspired by the surrounding to write a poem. It was a lovely afternoon at Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm. What a great opportunity to see local artists in action! As if Mother Nature also wanted to observe the work of the artists, she waited until the end of the event to bring rain!

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I would like to take a few lines to sincerely thank the team at Vergers Villeneuve for the generous welcome! As for you, dear reader, I invite you to participate in the next two upcoming Fields of Arts event at Garden Path on August 29 and at L’Artisan Farm on September 29. Register as an artist or just come to witness art in the making while discovering local producers!

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